January 14, 2016

Computational Social Sciences Job Talks | Come to two job talks presented by candidates to teach in the new Master’s in Computational Social Sciences program.
Friday, January 15th @ 10:30am | Saieh 242 (Rick Evans)
Friday, January 15th @ 2pm | Saieg 242 (John Doucette)

Career Services

Which Industry is Right for Me?
| Join Shelly for a workshop on how to weigh between Non-Profit, For-Profit, and Government sectors.
Friday, January 15th from 3:30-4:30pm | Saieh 242
Career Mentor in Residence: Alum in Development | Next week, we will welcome back to campus David Cashman, Senior Director of International Advancement in Alumni Relations at the University of Chicago. David will speak about his career in development, higher education, and working with international partners. This event is not to be missed for anyone interested in learning about private corporations, international partners, and higher education administration. Development is an important skill to hone for any industry!
Stay tuned for more information and RSVP

How to Work in the US | Office of International Affairs
International students planning on utilizing their OPT after graduation will not want to miss this session.  Procedures and deadlines will be covered.
Monday, January 25 | 10-11:00AM | Saieh 247

MAPSS Fund for Applied Research: GfK User Centric Grant Research Award Information Session | GfK User Centric is a research consultancy that has hired many of our graduates over the past several years. In appreciation of the unique training that we provide, several years ago, they made a significant donation that established the MAPSS Fund for Applied Research. In addition to monetary support, their staff is committed to assisting students in understanding and utilizing their extensive, state-of-the-art research facilities. The MAPSS Fund will make grants that support student thesis research. The User Research Awards in particular are intended to provide mentoring support along with facilities services and/or additional funding (when needed) for MAPSS thesis projects involving user research on human interaction with or without technology. You will find that the range of research questions able to qualify by these criteria is far broader than it seems. Projects could include for instance, cross-cultural comparisons of subject responses to written content assessable on the web. We especially encourage you to attend if your thesis topic may utilize ethnography, survey methods, focus groups or lab-based evaluations.
Information Session on Monday, January 25 | 3:00PM | Saieh 247 | RSVP


REMINDER: NSEP Boren Fellowship Writing Workshop | The Boren Fellowships award graduate students up to $30,000 for language study in countries and languages deemed critical to US national security interests. In addition to language study, applicants are encouraged to propose independent research, an academic internship, or academic coursework. The program draws on a broad definition of national security, recognizing that the scope includes not only the traditional concerns of protecting and promoting American well-being, but also the challenges of global society such as sustainable development, environmental degradation, global disease and hunger, population growth and migration, public health, gender equality, and economic competitiveness. | Must have US citizenship to apply | For more information and to apply, click HERE | More Info + RSVP
Information session on Friday, January 15th @ 2pm | Cobb 107
Application due Monday, January 18th @ 5pm

2016 CLAS Tinker Field Research Grant | The Center for Latin American Studies is pleased to announce a travel grant competition for University of Chicago graduate students to conduct preliminary field research in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the Western Hemisphere, excluding Puerto Rico. The 2016 CLAS Tinker Field Research Grants provide students with the opportunity to develop an independent research project, collect data, explore research sites and archives, and establish professional and institutional contacts. | More Info + Apply
*Application information sessions:
Friday, January 22nd from 12-1pm | Kelly 114 | RSVP
Tuesday, January 26th from 3:30-4:30pm | Kelly 114 | RSVP

REMINDER: Ideas42: Employer Info Session | MAPSS & CIR | Ideas42 is a nonprofit behavioral design lab and consulting firm that uses behavioral science to help solve difficult social problems and have impact at scale. Come join us to learn more about our work, our unique methodology, and our recruiting process. During the session, students will also receive an introduction to the behavioral science approach, and have the opportunity to practice applying behavioral insights and designing innovative solutions to problems that we’re currently working on in Chicago. | More Info + RSVP
Friday, January 29th from 12-2pm | Saieh 242

US Department of State Global Careers Networking Event | This event is designed to raise awareness about the Department and its careers, and offers the opportunity for those interested (or who just want to learn more) to meet directly with Foreign Service Officers and Specialists and Civil Service professionals who work on the business of diplomacy each and every day, in the U.S. and abroad. Attendees will learn more about our careers, the selection and hiring processes, and the issues on which our employees work that impact the American public, and specifically the citizens of Alabama and the surrounding communities. | More Info + RSVP
Thursday, February 11th from 5:30-6:30pm
Sheraton Birmingham Hotel, 2101 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N., Birmingham, AL 35203

Thought Provoking

Margo Jefferson—“Negroland: A Memoir” – Jamie Kalven, CSPRC | Seminary Coop | At once incendiary and icy, mischievous and provocative, celebratory and elegiac, this is a deeply felt meditation on race, sex, and American culture through the prism of the author’s rarefied upbringing and education among a black elite concerned with distancing itself against both. Reckoning with the strictures and demands of Negroland at crucial historical moments—the civil rights movement, the dawn of feminism, the fallacy of postracial America—Jefferson brilliantly charts the twists and turns of a life informed by psychological and moral contradictions. Aware as it is of heart-wrenching despair and depression, this book is a triumphant paean to the grace of perseverance. | More Info
         TONIGHT!: Thursday, January 14th @ 6pm | Seminar Coop

Discussion with Cook County State’s Attorney Candidate Kimberly Foxx | IOP | Join the University Community Service Center and the Institute of Politics for an exciting discussion with Cook County State’s Attorney Candidate Kim Foxx. Among other topics, Foxx will examine juvenile Justice reform efforts and the School-to-Prison Pipeline; her plan to address issues related to illegal guns, political corruption, and the current gang epidemic; and the factors that influenced her growth and interest in becoming the Cook County State’s Attorney. In addition, Foxx will explore the importance of advancing equality in the criminal justice system. | More Info
Tuesday, January 19th from 12-1pm | IOP, 5707 S Woodlawn Ave

A Discussion on Shared Prosperity with Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez | IOP | How do we build shared prosperity? What is “Conscious Capitalism” and what role does it have to play? Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez believes both will help give more power to working people in America and fix an economy out of balance. Join the IOP as it hosts Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, a civil rights lawyer and a member of President Obama’s cabinet, for a conversation about the principles of shared prosperity and his vision for an economy that works for everyone: a higher minimum wage; expanded equal pay and overtime protections; investments in voting rights and our infrastructure of democracy; promoting businesses that believe in serving not just shareholders but also workers; and improving the quality of life in housing, transportation, education, and health. | More Info + RSVP
Thursday, January 21st from 12-1pm | IOP, 5707 S Woodlawn Ave

Celebrating India Awakes | International House | India is coming alive and flourishing economically. In fact, Citigroup estimates that by 2050 India will have the world’s largest economy, larger than China and the United States. For centuries, only the politically connected and elite prospered in the densely populated country, while the remaining residents lived in poverty. However, since 1991, more than 250 million people have been lifted out of poverty and are finding new ways to flex their personal and economic power. In the 60-minute documentary, India Awakes, noted Swedish author, commentator, and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg explores an inherited British bureaucracy, which created layers of rules and regulations. Today’s globalization and liberalization have created fluidity between classes—and greater ambition. In the film, Norberg follows three individuals who are working to improve their lives, and in the process, breaking down the centuries-old caste system. | More Info + RSVP
Thursday, January 21st from 6:30-8:30pm
Assembly Hall, International House



EthNoise! | “Performing Youthful Desires: The Gabhoru Body as Creative Force in Assam, India,” by Rehanna Kheshgi
Thursday, January 14th from 4:30-6pm | Goodspeed 205

Art and Politics of East Asia | “When the Left Eye Meets the Right Ear: Cinematic Fantasia and Comic Soundscape in City Scenes (1935),” by Ling Zhang
Friday, January 15th from 3-5pm | CEAS 319

Medieval Studies | “Manufacturing the Sacred in the Middle Ages: The eucharist and other medieval works of art,” by Aden Kumler
Friday, January 15th @ 2:30pm | WB408

Global Christianities | “Public Undergrounds and Underground Publics,” by Xian-bo Yuan
Tuesday, January 19th from 12-1:15pm | Swift 208

Politics, History, and Society | “Group Threat and Intercommunal Violence: Explaining Onset of Ethnic Riots 1945-2000,” by Nathaniel J Gonzalez
Tuesday, January 19th from 5-6:30pm | SS401

Social Theory | “The European Crisis and the Radical Left’s Strategic Dilemmas: Lessons of the Greek Case,” by Leo Panitch (York University)
Thursday, January 21st @ 5pm | Wilder House

PIPES | “Withdrawing from Intergovernmental Organizations: Understanding When States Exit,” by Felicity A Vabulas
Thursday, January 21st from 4:30-6:30pm | Pick 506

Latin America and the Caribbean | “Writing on the Edge: The Poet, the Printer, and the Colonial Frontier in Ercilla’s La Araucana,” by Miguel Martinez
Thursday, January 21st from 4:30-6:30pm | Kelly 114

Middle East History and Theory | “From Iraq to Israel and from Rigidity to Fluidity: Altered Gender Expectations Among Immigrants in the Ma’abarot,” by Chelsie May
Thursday, January 21st from 12-1:20pm | Pick 218

Interdisciplinary Approaches to France and the Modern Francophone World | “Alexandre Duman, Teodor Kasap, and the Limits of Pan-Mediterranean Liberalism,” by Madeleine Elfenbein
Friday, January 22nd @ 4pm | SSR224



Greenlining Institute Summer Associate Program in the Bay Area  | The Academy Summer Associate Program is an intensive, 10-week development program for young leaders who have completed, at minimum, their undergraduate degrees by the start of the program. Associates learn about issues impacting California and the nation and manage research and advocacy projects under the direction of a Greenlining staff member. The learning environment is based on combining experiential learning opportunities, individual development, and team participation. Each Summer Associate experience is unique and shaped by the current policy focus of their program area. Associates present their findings and projects in both a written and oral report at the end of the program. | More Info + Apply


Research Specialist | Survey Lab | The Research Specialist: oversees data collection and case management for surveys in the Survey Lab call center; manages data entry of survey data, oversees staff and data for projects run from the central office, including programming of questionnaires, sample and data quality management, and on-going project progress reports; manages all aspects of survey operations including receipt control, respondent recruitment, and locator file management. Produces final data files and codebooks for clients; learns and enforces best practice rules and protocols for each study; brings any Institutional Review Board (IRB) issues to the immediate attention of the Director; answers computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) system shop phone and monitors voicemail; serves as back-up caller/interviewer to cover scheduled interviews or call-ins when other staff is not available; handles incoming requests or complaints from survey participants; handles difficult respondents; models good phone call technique for other phone shop callers; closes the evening shop on weekdays; opens and closes weekend shops; insures that callers get into the building on schedule for their shifts; insures that offices are locked and alarms set at close of shop; and may train and manage the interviewing staff.| More Info + Apply


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