April 21, 2016

Career Services Office Notes:
CIR Talk: The Global Politics of Religion in an Age of Freedom and Terror | CIR | CIR hosts Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Associate Professor of Political Science (also Religious Studies and Middle East and North African Studies) at Northwestern University. Dr. Hurd will give a talk on “The Global Politics of Religion in tan Age of Freedom and Terror” based on her book,Beyond Religious Freedom. | Lunch provided | More Info + Register
         TODAY! Thursday, April 21st from 12-2pm | Rosenwald 011

Career Services

UChicago Green Careers Panel | UCPIP | You know that sustainability and environmentalism are rapidly growing and changing fields, becoming more and more important every day. But they’re also incredibly broad fields, ranging from science to policy, business to nonprofit work. Interested in a green career, but confused when it comes to your options? We’re holding the Green Careers Panel just for you! This panel-style event will feature 4 environmental professionals offering insight into a diverse range of related fields, such as environmental law, environmental consulting, urban planning, non-profits, and governmental organizations.  Discussing their current job experiences, they will speak to their personal work, professional trajectory, skills they find most valuable, and challenges they have faced.  The speakers will provide an opportunity for students in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Political Science, Public Policy, Economics, and anyone with an interest in a “green” career, to gain a better understanding of the opportunities in an evolving and relevant field, and aid them in finding their own potential career path. | More Info + Register
         TONIGHT! Thursday, April 21st from 7-9pm
International House, Coulter Lounge

Women in Global Policy | PLEN: The Public Leadership Education Network | PLEN is a national organization that prepares women for leadership in the public policy arena through seminars in Washington, DC. We have an upcoming seminar in which you will have the opportunity to dive into international policy issues, expand you network, and develop your professional skills. Students will hear from leaders advocating for humanitarian issues, citizens’ rights, international security, and international development in an increasingly interconnected world. | Need-based scholarships are available for students. | More Info + Register
Seminar Dates: May 16-20
Application Due: Friday, April 22nd

REMINDER: Patricia Lynn Baker Prize | The Patricia Lynn Baker Prize is intended to encourage the use of social science knowledge in improving human welfare, in identifying and analyzing institutionalized forms of inequality, and in promoting social reform. Graduate students in the Departments of Political Science, Sociology, and in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences are eligible for this award. To apply for the Prize, each applicant must submit a written essay (not to exceed 50 pages). The essay may be a term paper, thesis, or a thesis chapter that embodies one or more of the above concerns. A selection committee of three faculty members, one each from Political Science, Sociology, and the Master of the Arts Program in the Social Sciences, shall determine the recipient. | Award will be $600
*Please submit an electronic copy that includes your name, address, email address, phone number, and department or program name on the title page to Kathy Anderson (kanders@uchicago.edu) no later than Monday, April 25th.


Rio de Janerio: Historia, Cultura, e Aventura | IV Illinois Portuguese Language Connection | The Illinois Portuguese Language Connection is an initiative of three Universities in Illinois: The University of Chicago, Northwestern University and The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The IV IPLC will focus on Rio de Janeiro: History, Culture and Adventure. This year we will have the presence of Dill Costa, a carioca actress and samba performer. The main reason for this annual event is to gather the students of Portuguese from the three biggest universities in Illinois for a day of interaction, and also to reinforce the presence of Brazil within our institutions. | More Info + Register
Saturday, April 23rd from 11-5pm | International House


Teaching English as an Additional Language | English Language Institute | A few slots are still open for this introductory course, which starts thisSaturday, April 23rd. To apply, send a one-page statement of purpose expressing your interest in the course to Ezekiel Flannery, Director, English Language Institute at eflannery@uchicago.eduMore Info

Thought Provoking

CSPRC Annual Public Lecture featuring Kathleen Cleaver | CSRPC | On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture’s founding conference, and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party, we are pleased present Kathleen Neal Cleaver for our 2016 Annual Public Lecture.  From 1967 until 1971, Cleaver was the Communications Secretary of the Black Panther Party, and the first woman member of their Central Committee.  Professor Cleaver currently lectures in legal history, civil rights history, and slavery and the anti-slavery movement at Emory University School of Law.  She will use this lecture to focus on the role of women in the Black Liberation Movement, then and now. | More Info + Register
TONIGHT!: Thursday, April 21st from 6:30-8:30pm
International House, Assembly Hall

The Constitutionality of the Charlotte Bathroom Bill | IOP | Last month the North Carolina legislature passed House Bill 2—known as HB2, the Charlotte bathroom bill, or more officially, the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act—in response to a Charlotte ordinance that had extended some protections for people who are gay or transgendered. Countering this new ordinance, HB2 nullifies local ordinances around the state that would have expanded protections for the LGBTQ community. While Charlotte’s ordinance was the first of its kind in North Carolina, three South Carolina cities and more than 200 other cities around the nation have similar ordinances. North Carolina is the first to pass a state law of this kind although similar measures have recently been proposed in other states, including Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Join the IOP for a discussion of the law through both a legal lens and an examination of it within the broader conversation on LGBTQ rights, examining the constitutionality of the law—or lack thereof—and the effects of the law on the social and political atmosphere around transgender discrimination. | More Info + Register
Monday, April 25th from 12:15-1:15pm | IOP

Turks and Armenian: Nationalism and Conflict in the Ottoman Empire | Global Voices Lecture Series | Professor Justin McCarthy will discuss his new book, which provides a framework for understanding Ottoman-Armenian relations. McCarthy challenges existing assumptions and contributes to the most central problem of late Ottoman historiography with a new interpretation explaining the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and its Armenian minority. This study is highly recommended for a broad audience as well as for those seeking a new analysis of the circumstances leading to the tragic events of 1915. | More Info + Register
Monday, April 25th from 6-7:30pm | International House

The Politics of Mental Health Care: Patrick Kennedy on the System We Need | IOP | Please join the IOP as it welcomes former US Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). He will discuss the broken state of mental health care in America and the issues the electorate should be paying attention to this fall. The son of Senator Ted Kennedy, Patrick left Congress after his father’s death to devote his career to advocacy for brain diseases by fostering public awareness and pushing for policy changes. In his recent book about his personal struggle and family history of addiction, Kennedy criticizes the current system that treats addiction and other mental health afflictions as personal failures rather than medical conditions. Given the prevalence of this issue, how do the proposals from candidates up and down the ballot shape up and what actions can we expect following the election this year? | More Info + Register
Tuesday, April 26th from 6-7:15pm | Quadrangle Club

Discover Place Lab: Tour and Roundtable | Cultural Policy Center | Come and get to know Place Lab, since it since it merged with Chicago Harris’ Cultural Policy Center earlier this year. Place Lab is a research and implementation engine that invests in cultural programming and research to create change in Chicago communities and beyond. The senior team from Place Lab will lead a tour of its creative redevelopment projects on the South Side of Chicago, including Dorchester Projects and the Stony Island Arts Bank. Theaster Gates will join the group at his studio. Following the tour, Theaster will host a discussion on the Ethical Redevelopment Principles and convenings, and the future engagement of Chicago Harris students in Place Lab projects. | RSVP (please register by Monday, April 25th)
Thursday, April 28th from 1-4pm
Bus will pick up in front of Chicago Harris, 1155 E 60th St

Arianna Huffington on the Sleep Revolution | IOP | How does sleep deprivation impact decision-making, political and otherwise? Join the IOP for a discussion with Arianna Huffington as she makes her case for the power of getting more sleep. She is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post as well as the author of The Sleep Revolution. Huffington examines the latest scientific understanding of sleep, the deeply troubling sleeping pill industry, the impact of technology, and how sleep can help us take back our lives. | More Info + Register
Thursday, April 28th from 12-1:15pm | Quadrangle Club

Take a Break

Arts Festival in Washington Park | UChicago Student Government | >It will showcase performances and talents from UChicago students and local youth, and FREE food! Served from local restaurants and providing a taste of the South Side! The hope is to provide students and community residents the opportunity to enjoy distinct art forms and diverse performances, to meet people with like-minded interests, and to engage in a forum for continued exploration. All of which will come along with complimentary food prepared by local vendors as well as interactive outdoor art projects. | More Info
Saturday, April 23rd starting at 12pm | Washington Park



Computational Social Sciences | “Why Are Some Teams Smarter than Others? The Dynamics of Collective Intelligence in Teams,” by Anita Wooley (Carnegie Mellon)
TONIGHT!: Thursday, April 21st from 4:30-6pm | Stuart 102

PIPES | “The Spotlight’s Harsh Glare: Rethinking Publicity and International Order,” by Austin Carson
TONIGHT!: Thursday, April 21st from 4:30-6:30pm | Pick 506

East Asia: Transregional Histories | “Wide Show and Feedback Loop in Postwar Japanese Television,” by Seong Un Kim
TONIGHT!: Thursday, April 21st from 4:15-6pm | SSR224

Interdisciplinary Archeology | “Caput Gentis Lyciae Patara: Capital of the Lycian League,” by Erkan Dundar (Sutcu Imam University, Turkey)
TONIGHT!: Thursday, April 21st @ 4:30pm | Haskell 315

Political Theory | “The Absent Factory: Rethinking Marxist Theories of Postindustrial Capitalism,” by Lucas Pinheiro
Monday, April 25th from 12-1:20pm | Pick 506

Politics, History, and Society | “Corporate Conspiracies and Complex Secrets: Structure and Perception of Samuel Insull’s Utility Empire in 1920/30s Chicago,” by Georg Rilinger
Tuesday, April 26th from 5-6:30pm | SSR404

Ancient Societies | “Obedient Bellies: Hunger and Food Security in Mesopotamia,” by Seth Richardson
Tuesday, April 26th @ 3:30pm | Classics 21

Medieval Studies | “Philosophical Archeology and Deconstruction: Towards an Archeology of the Subject,” by Alain de Libera (College de France)
Tuesday, April 26th @ 4:30pm | Swift Third Floor Lecture Hall

Art and Politics of East Asia | “A New World?: Midcentury Modernisms on the Korean Peninsula,” by Janet Poole
Tuesday, April 26th from 11-1pm | CEAS 319

Global Christianities | “Rethinking Okoumene: Protestantism, Intimacy, and the Transatlantic Black Novel,” by Hank Owings
Tuesday, April 26th from 12-1:15pm | Swift 208

Human Rights | “‘The House of Youth’: The Role of Cultural Rights and Agency Within Human Rights Intervention,” by Carly Bertrand
Tuesday, April 26th from 4:30-6pm | Pick 506

Thursday, April 28th from 4:30-6:30pm | Pick 506


Graduate Global Impact Internship Program | UChicagoGRAD | Funded summer internships are still available through UChicagoGRAD and the Emerging Leaders Initiative at the Social Sciences Division! Don’t see anything that looks like a good fit? Please contact us to inquire. Many of the posted projects are flexible and can be adapted to student interests. Opportunities continue to be posted to GRAD Gargoyle. An example of a position open to Master’s students is UC Laboratory Schools and UC Charter School Partnership (ID#59630). | More Info



Development Policy Officer/Senior Development Policy Officer | Millennium Challenge Corporation | Whether you are new to the Federal Government or an experienced professional seeking a career change, visit ourWebsite to see the kinds of dynamic projects our staff are undertaking. If you want a career where you can see the difference your work makes, then join the Millennium Challenge Corporation! Our model is defined by principles of selectivity, country ownership, transparency, and a focus on results. Our values identify who we are and what is important to us. MCC’s values are CLEAR – Collaboration, Learning, Excellence, Accountability and Respect. We recruit staff that will embody and uphold these values. As the Development Policy Officer/Senior Development Policy Officer you will perform a variety of assignments that relate to the creation of MCC’s annual scorecards of country policy performance. This includes analyzing and manipulating a wide range of third-party governance and other policy data using a range of analytical tools, and examining the policy performance of candidate countries. | More Info + Apply
*MAPSS alum hiring; apply by Wednesday, April 27th

Secretary | Department of Labor (Pasadena, CA) | Serves as a Confidential Assistant. Provides secretarial and administrative support to the Regional Director (RD). Processes outgoing correspondence, e.g. case-related correspondence signed by the RD, subpoenas, etc. Interprets Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and Agency instructions/policies pertaining to office procedures. Screens callers and visitors and directs them as appropriate. Plans and establishes record management, filling, systems, and correspondence procedures; documents and maintains such procedures. Updates office templates and forms in accordance with new procedures or policies. Maintains confidential files and processes requests for personnel actions and prepares required personnel staffing reports. Prepares written correspondence for signatures and serves as the principal contact for all FOIA requests, communicating with Solicitor’s office; enters and tracks FOIA requests in the Agency’s databases. Establishes and maintains control and procedures for handling, routing, controlling and storing classified documents. Uses office automation software to draft, edit, and finalize documents, reports, correspondence, charts, and public speaking presentations. Uses publishing or graphics software, such as MS Publisher, to assist with the creation of office newsletters and other documents. Provides logistical support for conferences and meetings, including setting up video conferences and web-based meetings; gathers information and prepares necessary documents. Proofreads and prepares correspondence for signature ensuring overall accuracy and conformity with policies and procedures. | More Info + Apply
*Apply by 4/25/16