December 10, 2015

Career Services Office Notes: 
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Career Mentor in Residence: Alum in NGOs/Education | The second Career Mentor in Residence event was a great success! Keith Mataya, Senior Director of Programs for the Constitutional Rights Foundation, spoke about his experiences in MAPSS, the importance of networking during your year at UChicago (and being social!), and the different funding structures of nonprofits. He talked about the importance of competency and communication in working with nonprofits. He also gave general and nonprofit-specific job searching advice. He offered anecdotes about his time in MAPSS and his experience starting—and then leaving—a PhD program in Political Science.

Contribute to The Social Mosaic | Walter James and Ania Korsunska (MAPSS 2015) are the founders of The Social Mosaic, a new forum for up and coming social scientists to showcase their work, collaborate with others in their field, and find out about other interesting and innovative work being done. We are seeking those who would like to see their research see the light of day and see the value in sharing their work not only with their fellow scientists, but also with the general public. This website will provide access to knowledge free of charge, as a part of a greater effort to create a global community of great, young minds. To be considered for feature on The Social Mosaic, the work must be: Original, interesting research; Aimed at explaining a complex concept in a way everyone can understand; Free of overly academic language and professional jargon; Able to fit into one of our 12 topics (see website); Have a practical application in the world; Have an aspect of innovation in it, whether it be a new methods, an interesting combination of perspectives or disciplines, or new solution to a preexisting problem; and aimed at improving the world in some way.
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Tips and Techniques for the Job Search 
| If you haven’t attended a workshop this quarter, this is one not to miss! Join Shelly for an all-purpose talk about how to find the best job for you.
Friday, December 11th from 3-4pm | Saieh 242

H-1B: Jobs for International Students | Check out this helpful guide to finding H-1B jobs, pulled together by the Career Services Office

MAPSS Fund for Applied Research: GfK User Centric Grant Research Award Information Session  | GfK User Centric is a research consultancy that has hired many of our graduates over the past several years. In appreciation of the unique training that we provide, several years ago, they made a significant donation that established the MAPSS Fund for Applied Research. In addition to monetary support, their staff is committed to assisting students in understanding and utilizing their extensive, state-of-the-art research facilities. The MAPSS Fund will make grants that support student thesis research. The User Research Awards in particular are intended to provide mentoring support along with facilities services and/or additional funding (when needed) for MAPSS thesis projects involving user research on human interaction with or without technology. You will find that the range of research questions able to qualify by these criteria is far broader than it seems. Projects could include for instance, cross-cultural comparisons of subject responses to written content assessable on the web. We especially encourage you to attend if your thesis topic may utilize ethnography, survey methods, focus groups or lab-based evaluations.  Please remember all projects will be considered.
*Applications are now open! You can find them HERE
         Early applications due Friday, December 11th


Human:Race | Reconceptualizing the Human in Difficult Times
Strategies of Critique 30th Anniversary Graduate Student Conference| York University | What does it mean to be human? How do histories of the human and human histories impact who and what matters today? What would it look like if we insisted on calling the names of those who have died or suffered for not being the right kind of human: the dead, the disappeared, the violated, the missing or murdered, the enslaved, the dispossessed, the deported, those who lives are not yet livable…until all humans mattered? What could it mean to be human? When the Social and Political Thought Program was founded, there were few places to do interdisciplinary scholarship that was deeply engaged in theory. Throughout the years, various disciplinary misfits have come through our doors to create work that challenged the limits of their times. As we mark the 30th anniversary of our graduate student conference, we wish to draw from our histories of critique, while also challenging the theoretical and disciplinary limits of our time to map questions for our shared futures. Strategies of Critique has thought through the question of the human in myriad ways at multiple times in its history, and we continue to do so with this year’s conference theme, “Human: Race.” | More Info
*Send abstracts by January 4th to
*Conference located on April 21st-23rd, 2016 | Ontario, Canada

Engendering Change Graduate Student Conference | University of Illinois at Chicago | Engendering Change is an annual graduate student organized conference focused on issues of gender and sexuality. This year the theme of the conference is “Racial and Gender Justice.” Recently, social justice movements working to end police brutality against people of color have gained momentum and pushed issues of racial justice into the spotlight. Black Lives Matter has transformed into an international anti-violence movement and attracted the attention of current presidential candidates and #SayHerName has called for particular attention to police violence against black women, including black transwomen. These movements are part of a long history of social justice organizing, nationally, internationally, and here in Chicago that focuses on violence against women, including queer, trans, and cisgender women of color. With this in mind, the organizing committee for Engendering Change 2016 issues a call for papers. The theme of the conference is meant to highlight and further encourage academic work on racial and gender justice, however all submissions related to gender and sexuality will be considered. | More Info
*Abstracts due February 1st to


Winter 2016 ESL Courses | For any MAPSS students looking to improve their English, there are the Winter 2016 ESL courses offered through our English Language Institute. Please note:  these would be in addition to your 3 courses and the M.A. Proposal Workshop in January/February. Contact Ashley Merriweather with any questions, at | More Info

Thought Provoking

“Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life” by John Haldane | Livestreamed online | Please join us for a livestream of a public lecture at the University of South Carolina. John Haldane is professor of philosophy and director of the Center of Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs at the University of St Andrews, and the J Newton Rayzor, Sr, Distinguished Professor in Philosophy at Baylor University. His research interests include issues in the history of philosophy; philosophy of mind; social and political philosophy; ethics; and aesthetics. | More Info
Monday, December 14th from 7-9pm (EST)
Your computer:

Social Media Snack and Learn: Instagram (again) | Chicago Innovation Exchange | Social media is the best way to connect with clients and meet prospects. Instagram is a photo filtering and sharing website that has great SEO and allows you to prominently display your products and service for the world to see. You’ll leave this class knowing how to: leverage simple photo sharing tools on your computer or mobile device to engage clients; how to use high-quality photos to attract and engage new customers by adding a call to action; how to use your smartphone camera to capture priceless moments through photos and videos; and how to embed photos and display products side by side. | More Info + Register
Wednesday, December 16th from 6-7:30pm
Chicago Innovation Exchange, 1452 E 53rd St, 2nd Floor

Perfecting Your Punctuation | Training @ UChicago | Do you know when to use a colon or a semicolon? Do commas go inside or outside quotation marks? If it has been awhile since you sat through high school English, you might need to review the basic rules of punctuation. This workshop gives you the chance to brush up on your punctuation skills through discussion and confidence-building exercises. | More Info + Register
Thursday, December 17th from 9am-1pm | Harper Court, Room 1003


On Campus Jobs

Program Coordinator: Alternative Spring Break | University Community Service Center | The Alternative Spring Break will take place from Saturday, March 19th to Wednesday, March 23rd, and will engage one graduate student-led cohort of 15 undergraduates in service, reflection, and social change education. Participants will live in and serve with these organizations and others in the immediate neighborhood, learning to recognize and address a variety of social change concerns which may include youth development, criminal justice reform and reentry, workforce development, poverty and food access, the arts, etc. The Program Coordinator will work to support the overall coordination of the Alternative Break; create and lead a curriculum of service learning and reflection; supervise two undergraduate team leaders; mentor cohort participants to develop their personal commitment to civic responsibility and social justice; engage students in dialogue about ways to address complex and systemic social justice issues; facilitate reflection about service activities; and encourage community- building among the cohort. This position will strengthen the Program Coordinator’s skills in program development and management, community-building, and the ability to facilitate reflections and critical dialogue about the intersections between social justice issues and community service work. | More Info + Apply
*Application due Monday, December 14th to Nick Currie, UCSC Community Service Advisor (

Graduate Student Resource Coordinator | Coderspace | The Graduate Student Resource Coordinator (GSRC) will be assigned to CoderSpace, a not-for-profit organization that creates engaging learning experiences along a clear path of skill development to inspire a new generation of tech leaders. CoderSpace youth learn how to code and build websites for clients in their communities. The primary responsibility of the GSRC is to facilitate the organization’s receipt of capacity building resources, working closely with the participant, including but not limited to the following: Assistance with the implementation of recommended actions related to the development of key operations processes, including accounting/financial systems, reporting/ recordkeeping systems, client and donor/funder databases, data and evaluation metrics, and communications plans; Assistance in the development and implementation of issue/task specific projects related to the organization’s mission and/or program work; and maintenance of participant interaction, from preparation to follow-up, and performance of organizational responsibilities as needed. | More Info + Apply


Scoville Peace Fellowship | The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, established in 1987, is a highly-competitive national fellowship program that provides recent college and graduate school alumni with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Twice yearly, the fellowship’s  Board of Directors selects a group of outstanding individuals to spend six to  nine months in Washington. Supported by a salary, the fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice. The program also arranges meetings for the fellows with policy experts. Many former Scoville Fellows have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in international relations and related fields and taken prominent positions in the field of peace and security with public-interest organizations, the Federal Government, academia, and media. To date, 161 fellowships have been awarded. | More Info + Apply
         *Applications due: January 4, 2016 

Summer Internship | National Council of US-Arab Relations | The NCUSAR Summer Internship in Washington, D.C. is a 10-week program which promotes academic, professional, and personal development. It combines full-time professional work experiences with a parallel academic seminar and site-visit regimen. The Internship Program’s seminar is structured to introduce students to dozens of professionals whose careers are related to improving various facets of the Arab-U.S. relationship. Lectures will focus on the Arab Gulf states though other key regions and issues may be addressed. Interns have the opportunity to meet with a broad range of foreign policy specialists, American and Arab world diplomatic staff and ambassadors, journalists and other media personnel, civic and political activists, political and career professionals in the U.S. government, and international education specialists. Interns are also given the chance to explore Washington, D.C. via films, cultural events, group dinners and exploration of the Nation’s Capital. Participants are able to not only experience working in international affairs, but also living in a dynamic city of immense cultural, political, and social significance. | More Info + Apply

Scholarships for a PhD in History (multiple opportunities) | Max Planck Research School | The Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin offer six scholarships for a PhD in History at the International Max Planck Research School for Moral Economies of Modern Societies (IMPRS Moral Economies). The PhD program of the IMPRS Moral Economies supports research projects that investigate the values, emotions, and habits that informed and inspired modern social formations, particularly in Europe, North America, and South Asia. The relationship between the development, consolidation and transformation of morals and the history of emotions and stands at the center of the research focus. Highly motivated M. A. (respectively M. Phil. or equivalent) graduates in History or a related field (e.g. Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Literature) with an outstanding academic record and a strong interest in the relevant topics are encouraged to apply. The PhD scholarships will commence on 1 October 2016. Candidates admitted to the IMPRS Moral Economies receive a monthly grant to cover their living expenses, either in the form of a stipend (€ 1,365 per month) or on the basis of a contract (TVÖD E13, 50%). The funding is initially for two years, with an extension possibility up to a maximum of four years, pending successful progress evaluations. | For further queries please contact Monika Freier at | More Info + Apply
*Application due January 27, 2016


Research Assistant | The Stimson Center | The Stimson Center, a nonprofit international security think tank committed to promoting innovative solutions to security challenges, is seeking to hire a full-time research assistant/associate to work with the South Asia program. The South Asia program examines a range of regional security issues, including nuclear risk-reduction measures between India and Pakistan, deterrence stability, and non-traditional security challenges. This position is responsible for undertaking primary and secondary research using diverse methodologies and sources; developing original research and written materials including occasional papers, commentaries, reports, articles, and issue briefs; and providing editorial support for South Asian Voices, the program’s website featuring political, military, and economic analysis from emerging analysts in India and Pakistan, among other duties. | More Info + Apply

Substance Abuse Prevention Program Project Assistant (part time) | Asian Health Coalition (MAPSS alum hiring) | The Asian Health Coalition is a nonprofit, community-based organization whose mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Illinois through advocacy, technical assistance, public education, and community-based research. We are currently looking for a team player with a keen sense for detail, a strong interest in public health, and the ability to meet deadlines to join us as a Program Assistant. This part-time position assists the daily activities of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program. | More Info +Apply

Passport Specialist | US Department of State | As a passport specialist, you will receive, examine and adjudicate applications for the issuance, amendment, and replacement of passports forwarded by acceptance agents or presented by applicants or applicant representatives. You will examine the evidence of citizenship submitted with applications to determine and judge authenticity and adequacy in relation to laws, regulation, and procedures associated with the issuance of passports. You will maintain constant alertness to the possibility of fraudulent documentation or claims of identity.| More Info + Apply
*Application due Friday, December 18th