June 9, 2016

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REMINDER: MAPSS Graduate Student Academic Conference | The MAPSS Academic Conference is a day of multidisciplinary presentations by and for MAPSS students. This is an intense one-year program, and your hard work is too good not to share! This is an excellent opportunity to learn about what your classmates have been up to before the year is officially over, and to learn about exciting new social science research from across the social science disciplines. Twenty-seven MAPSS projects will be highlighted at this event…Come support your peers as they present their original research! | More Info + RSVP
Today! Thursday, June 9th from 9:30am-4:30pm
Saieh Hall 242, 247

Thought Provoking

Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State by Karen Greenberg | Seminary Co-op | The day after September 11, President Bush tasked the attorney general, John Ashcroft, with preventing another terrorist attack on the United States. Karen J. Greenberg, the director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University School of Law, begins Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State at this pivotal moment in recent American history. Her deeply reported account tells the full story of what happened next, as law and policy were fundamentally reshaped to serve the war on terror. Based on years of research and countless interviews with insiders at the highest levels of government, Rogue Justice could only have been written by Karen J. Greenberg, one of this country’s top experts on Guantánamo, torture, and terrorism. Now, finally, the stories of surveillance, interrogation, detention, targeted killings, prosecution, and military commissions are told in one volume, drawing connections and parallels that have been heretofore unacknowledged. After September 11, the Bush administration turned to the Department of Justice to protect the nation, by giving license to activities that had previously been unthinkable—from the NSA’s spying on US citizens to indefinite detention to torture. With the aid of individual DoJ lawyers—and, at times, the courts—the government reformed the laws on intelligence gathering, rethought terrorism prosecutions, and curtailed the rights of individuals suspected of national security–related crimes. When President Obama took office, many observers expected a reversal of these encroachments upon civil liberties and justice, but the new administration found the rogue policies to be deeply entrenched and, at times, worth preserving. Obama ramped up targeted killings, held fast to aggressive surveillance policies, and fell short on bringing reform to detention and interrogation. Rogue Justice connects the dots for the first time—from the Patriot Act to today’s military commissions, from terrorism prosecutions to intelligence priorities, from the ACLU’s activism to Edward Snowden’s revelations. This stunning exposé introduces key players and events in the post-9/11 justice system, showing that time and again, when liberty and security have clashed, justice has been the victim. | More Info + RSVP
Tuesday, June 14th @ 6pm | Seminary Co-op

Building Arts Scenes for Cultural Placemaking | Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society | ‘Scenes’ are part of our everyday social environment. Qualities such as glamour, self-expression, tradition, and neighborliness combine in various ways to create the diverse scenes that characterize cities and communities. They factor into crucial decisions about where to work, where to open a business, where to live, what political causes to support, and more. Hosted by the Neubauer Collegium Art Scenes: An International Perspective project, this conference brings together an international network of researchers with the aim of developing tools to articulate and measure distinctive qualities that imbue social life with vitality and meaning. | More Info + RSVP
Thursday, June 23rd from 10:30am-5pm
Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society


East Asia: Transregional Histories | Forum and roundtable with MA students, including Dina Gu, Ruben Luciano, and Hannah Park of MAPSS
Friday, June 10th from 3-5pm | SSR224


Mine Safety and Health Assistant | US Mine Safety and Health Administration | This position is responsible for Scheduling dates and arranges for conferences between operators and inspectors, supervisors and the CLR; Researching, assembling, analyzing and summarizing data for use in the Alternate Case Resolution Initiative (ACRI) process; Providing guidance and advises district personnel concerning the processing and application of ACRI processes and documentation; Ensuring that all documentation relating to the safety and health conference is placed in the CLR file; Maintaining the ACRI automated databases; Receiving, assembling and transmitting case and litigation packets and ensuring all information necessary is included; Researching and assembling information from files and records for use by the district and headquarters staff in conferences, meetings and/or seminars; Maintains confidentiality and accountability of physical and testimonial evidence and records. | More Info + Apply
*Apply by Tuesday, June 14th

Research Associate I – Social Sciences (multiple positions available) | University of Illinois-Chicago | This position conducts research by preparing literature reviews and assisting with the collection, entering, coding and cleaning of data and descriptive results. Duties include: The Research Associate I- Social Sciences will perform surveys, interviews, observations or uses other methods according to established research protocols.  They will prepare data for analysis and execute details of studies. Perform analysis and document results. The Research Associate I- Social Sciences may conduct literature searches and order study supplies and maintain inventories. They will maintain detailed records of results and prepare written reports. They will also maintain and process required paperwork. In addition, the Research Associate I- Social Sciences will perform other related duties and participate in special projects as assigned.| More Info + Apply

Research Associate | American Institutes for Research | The American Institutes for Research (AIR) is a leading behavioral and social science research organization. We are a collaborative organization that works with clients to examine a wide range of projects from early childhood development to adult education. AIR prides itself in conducting high-impact, high-stakes projects for significant federal, state, and private organizations. Our vision is that research-based problem solving can improve the lives of all people. You will assist evaluation project teams with data collection, data management, analysis, and reporting, using quantitative and qualitative methods. 1. Assist in the design and planning of qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments including interview protocols, focus group protocols and surveys 2. Coordinate and conduct field based, district and/or school level data collection activities including interviews, structured observations, focus groups and collection of specified documents 3. Code and analyze data from surveys, interviews, observations and extant data using the appropriate statistical approaches and software. 4. Prepare documents, portions of reports, briefs, charts, and graphs that describe and interpret findings of analyses 5. Conduct and annotate literature reviews 6. Clearly communicate knowledge of the project purpose and objectives to clients when necessary and represent AIR in a professional manner. 7. Communicate effectively, orally or in writing, with clients, site-based staff, and other evaluation stakeholders. | More Info + Apply

Research Assistant | NORC | NORC at the University of Chicago is seeking a qualified Research Assistant to support the Statistics and Methodology Department. The Statistics and Methodology Research team conducts work on a variety of policy and commercial topics spanning survey research methodology and statistical analysis. Responsibilities: Provide general research support related to survey methods and analytics on assignments of low to moderate complexity; Conduct literature reviews, statistical analysis of primary and secondary data and prepares memos, tables, and graphs based on findings under supervision of experienced professionals; Take notes at meetings and prepare initial draft of minutes. Take notes at telephone/in-person interviews; Develop project materials, such as report outlines, visual exhibits for reports, and serving as an editor for deliverables; Support business development efforts through coordination of document preparation and reproduction; Under the direction of senior staff, support the development of new business by conducting background research on programs, award history, and agency goals and objectives; Perform other duties as assigned.|More Info + Apply

Leadership Analyst | CIA | Leadership analysts produce assessments of foreign leaders and other key decision-makers in the political, economic, military, science and technology, social, and cultural fields. These assessments are prepared at the request of senior US policymakers in the executive and legislative branches to help them understand and deal with their foreign counterparts. Leadership analysis is distinguished by its emphasis on in-depth research and assimilation of data from many disparate sources, usually under tight time constraints, to craft a tightly-integrated written product for policymakers. Agency analysts are encouraged to maintain and broaden professional ties through academic study, contacts, and attendance at professional meetings. They may also choose to pursue additional studies in fields relevant to their areas of responsibility. Opportunities exist for foreign travel, language training, analytic and management training, and assignments in other offices in the Agency and throughout the US Government . | More Info + Apply

Research Assistant for Associate | Institute for Defense Analyses | The Institute for Defense Analyses is a federally funded research and development center supporting the Department of Defense and other federal agencies that require rigorous and objective analysis of national security issues. The Strategy, Forces and Resources Division (SFRD) performs interdisciplinary analyses of plans and policies related to national security strategy; the structure and capabilities of US, allied and adversary forces; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense; organizational efficiency and management issues; and human capital challenges. The Strategy, Forces and Resources Division has an opening for a Research Assistant or Associate (RA) to assist with implementing structured approaches to qualitative policy analyses across this research portfolio. Responsibilities: RAs are junior members of the full-time professional staff working under the guidance and direction of IDA Research Analysts. Some research tasks will be narrowly focused; others will address a broader spectrum of concerns. In response to assignments provided by IDA Research Analyst, RAs contribute to research teams with information gathering; modeling and simulation; data manipulation, analysis and presentation; and drafting of reports and briefings. Accordingly, RAs are expected to have demonstrated proficiency in technical areas and to be familiar with computer languages and software related to their technical discipline. RAs are members of interdisciplinary research teams and must demonstrate good communications skills and contribute effectively to a team approach to problem solving. The issues that IDA addresses change constantly and RAs are expected to be adaptable and self-motivated, demonstrating a capacity for independent thought, sound judgment, and creativity in applying analytical methods to complex policy problems. As part of the research process, IDA research teams will travel to US government or US security partner field locations (typically, but not always, headquarters or office-like locations).  RAs will be required to assist in the planning and coordination of these field research activities and will accompany research teams conducting that field research. | More Info + Apply

Foreign Service Consular Fellow – Spanish | Department of State | Obtaining information relevant to provision of consular services by interviewing individuals, reviewing on-line applicants’ visa or passport application history, reviewing name searches for visa and passport applicants, and verifying information as necessary provided by applicants. Processing visas or passport applications, including reviewing visa and passport issuance, report of birth, and other controlled records and supplies, determining and verifying required clearances prior to issuing visas or passports; and preparing visa revocations, security advisory opinions, and advisory opinions. Making and reviewing decisions about visa or passport applications including adjudicating visa or passport applications by reviewing cases and applying relevant USG law, regulations, precedent, and relevant agreements, and cooperating with other agencies in applying laws and regulations related to visa applications. Interacting with those applying for consular services, including explaining entry procedures to persons, dealing fairly but compassionately with all clients, including applicants refused visas, and communicating appropriately with visa applicants, their attorneys or congressional staff. Investigating potentially fraudulent activities or claims, coordinating and cooperating with other agencies to prevent entry of ineligible aliens into the U.S., developing working relationships with appropriate in-country officials for the purpose of sharing and verifying information, providing documentation of consular decisions. | More Info + Apply
*Apply by Thursday, June 30th

Ground Forces Military Analyst | AT&T | This position is for a Mid- Senior-level non-U.S. Ground Forces Analyst to provide on-site support to a government customer. The successful candidate will apply expertise in data acquisition and/or data development in support of Support for Strategic Analysis (SSA) scenarios. The analyst will identify, collect, develop, manage, and disseminate current-year and future-year data supporting collaborative study teams. The candidate will be involved in all aspects of the analytical process, and will obtain/develop/ interpret non-U.S. ground forces’ order-of-battle and equipment data; and help prepare datasets to either run in theater/campaign-level combat simulations or support other SSA analysis. S/he must be able to research a wide variety of possible data sources to provide a wide variety of customers to include modeling and simulation (M&S) with data and/or datasets about non-U.S. ground forces and capabilities. The successful candidate must have a strong work ethic, be a team player, and demonstrate excellent oral and written communications skills. Individual must work with other government and contractor analysts, and possess strong analytic and technical skills. The work location is at the Mark Center, Alexandria, VA. Position will require travel to the Pentagon and other offices in the National Capital Region. | More Info + Apply

Analyst Project Manager | Abt SRBI Inc | We have an immediate opening for an Analyst/Project Manager in Abt SRBI’s Health Group. The position will be located in our Washington, DC area location, and all work will be completed at the client site in Alexandria, VA. The Analyst/Project Manager will support project staff in the collection, management, processing and statistical analysis of survey, focus group and administrative data for a Department of Defense project involving personnel surveys of military members. Duties/Responsibilities will include: Managing multiple complex tasks, ad hoc requests, and timelines simultaneously under supervision of senior project staff; Data management, including merging, cleaning, coding, editing and validation of survey and administrative datasets; Assisting senior staff with ad hoc data analyses using statistical software (e.g., Stata, SAS or SPSS); Preparing recurring survey products including tabulation volumes, comment files, codebooks and datasets; Assisting senior staff in preparing briefings and memoranda to the client and policy office that communicate data analysis results and implications. | More Info + Apply

Marketing Intelligence Assistant (freelance) | Legacy Marketing | Legacy Marketing Partners is a Chicago-based, independent experiential marketing agency that inspires passion for brands by engaging people through integrated live + digital campaigns. Perennially listed in both Event Marketer Magazine’s Agency IT List and PROMO Magazine’s Top Shops, our programs have won multiple Ex Awards, Event Technology Awards and Pro Awards. Primary Job Responsibilities: · Aid in trend and culture spotting efforts to be utilized in brand/program concepting · Extrapolate and communicate key insights and trends that lead to a successful marketing strategy · Compile, analyze and present data/ research findings · Help to create presentations, inclusive of supporting data and recommendations for business prospects, clients, account teams and other agency departments · Identify insights that substantiate Legacy’s strategic approach to client needs · Assist with the design and analysis of consumer surveys · Identify target audiences and devise consumer profiles using the agency’s research tools · Utilize various research sources to provide competitive and industry analysis for Legacy’s clients. | More Info + Apply
*MAPSS alum hiring

Qualitative Researcher | Beall Research | Beall Research conducts research to help major companies in the U.S. businesses answer their key strategic questions.  Our work as has had a huge influence in some major places. We’re looking for a very special person—someone who has experience with qualitative research, is a strategic thinker, has excellent organizational skills, and has a positive, strong desire to succeed as a market research professional. Are you that person? We are a unique place. Our people are really smart; most of them have advanced degrees. We value people who can think both creatively and analytically, and who want to make a difference in the business world. We are smart, nimble, hard-working, helpful, passionate, confident and funny. We like one another, laugh often and have a lot of fun together. And we make a difference with the work we do. This position is responsible for: Assisting with fundamental qualitative research activities such as drafting and revising screeners and discussion guides for focus groups and in-depth interviews and presentations; Watching and/or listening to in-depth interviews and focus groups, taking notes, and drawing insights from them to help inform the writing of the report; Writing final reports and presentations detailing key findings and identifying the strategic recommendations for the business; Provide proofing and editing support for screeners, discussion guides, reports, presentations, and proposals. | More Info + Apply